WHAT'S REALLY IN A PHOTO? Your memories, that's what. And they are exactly that. YOUR memories. Photos take you back to those exact moments you want to preserve. You instantly go back to the season, the smells around you, the feelings you had. That is the thing we love most about photography. But we don't think your memories should cost you an arm and a leg. When we opened the studio seven years ago, we intentionally priced our packages and services significantly lower than other professional studios in the area. In that seven years we've worked hard, and smart, to keep it that way. And it's allowed us to show a little extra love to our clients. We add free things to our session packages like extra prints or additional time at no charge just to say thanks for allowing us to be your choice. And that makes us happy. Because we're not in the business of being in business.
We are in the business of making memories.